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July 23-30, 2017

Year three of The Unexpected returns to downtown Fort Smith with ambitious projects bringing attention and awareness to some of the community's most important space s -  including the abandoned historic New Theatre and the Sebastian Co. Juvenile Detention Center. Partnering the same week with annual music festival Peacemaker brought an opportunity for both events to introduce new artists and audiences to each other. 

2017 artist roster flyer.png
UNX17_SM_IG_Photo Size.jpg

2017 Logo Design by Maxey Neon

Lakwena Uexpected Fort Smith
Felipe Pantone Unexpected Fort Smith
Saner Unexpected Fort Smith
Doze Green Unexpected Fort Smith
AEC Interesni Kazki Unexpected Fort Smith
Crystal Wagner Unexpected Fort Smith
Circus Family Unexpected Fort Smith

2017 Final Recap

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